Teaching programs

We create interactive teaching programs and visit primary, secondary and nursery schools, leisure centres, summer camps, etc. with them.

Experiential relaxation

We do experiential relaxation for the general public but also for closed groups. We most often cooperate with yoga studios, cultural centres, theatres, educational centres and companies.


We, as musicotherapists, visit medical, social and educational institutions, where we work with clients suffering from different types of physical and mental problems.


We hold the courses/seminars for general public, companies’ employees and other groups of people. The participants learn and experience basic musicotherapeutic techniques.

Mgr. Václava Kačerová

Music Therapist

Certified yoga instructor


Member of the European Association of Holistic Music Therapy

Mgr. Filip Kačer

Music Therapist


Member of the European Association of Holistic Music Therapy


The Ora Rangi-Music therapy project was established in 2017 after our return from a year-long stay in New Zealand, preceded by several years of study of Whole Musicotherapy and subsequent practice. During our travels, we have had ample time to clarify our intention, to pursue this field even more intensively, to further improve and to promote people’s health and personal development wherever they are interested.

Photos and experiences not only from our travels can be found on our instagram or facebook page.

* The free translation of the Maori phrase Ora Rangi is live music. Vibrations, sounds and music of instruments with natural tuning are used in the implementation of music therapy relaxations, tutorials and seminars.

Music therapy is a way for us to achieve balance. Having the harmonising potential of singing and sounding instruments with natural tuning is a great adventure in which we can rely, that at any moment we find ourselves a little closer to a balanced being