We, as musicotherapists, visit medical, social and educational institutions, where we work with clients suffering from different types of physical and mental problems. Simultaneously, we train the staff of these institutions in the area of psychohygiene, stress management, prevention of the burnout syndrome and the usage of musicotherapeutic techniques when working with clients.

Aims and benefits of musicotherapy

  • Relaxation and soothing
  • Activation and release
  • Easing physical and mental problems
  • Regeneration

Holistic musicotherapy (the method of PaedDr. Lubomír Holzer) is a verified therapeutic discipline which can be used for a wide spectrum of clients across the population. Depending on the composition of the target group of clients, it is necessary to choose delicately the musicotherapeutic techniques and procedures.

If you are interested in the implementation of the musicotherapy at your institute, do not hesitate to contact us. This problematics is so widespread, that the concrete procedure and form of this process always need to be discussed in person.

„The sound of naturally tuned instruments is a pure demonstration of physical laws. They are that effective thanks to their “simplicity” and their long tradition.“

Accredited seminar of the MPSV

Musicotherapeutic techniques as a tool of relaxation, psychohygiene and prevention of the burnout syndrome

The course/seminar focuses on the basic knowledge of musicotherapy and practical learning of the musicotherapeutic relaxing and self-regulatory techniques in the context of prevention of the burnout syndrome, voice problems, loss of motivation, excessive stress and other difficulties which can occur in connection to a gruelling job. We will try breathing and voice exercises which can help to protect our voices and to add attraction to our speech at the same time. With the naturally tuned instruments (Tibetan bowls, frame drums, African drums, percussion, didgeridoo, Jew’s harp, etc.), we will learn how to relax effectively, to “clear our heads” after a hard day and to gain motivation together with creativity for our future days.

Participants will gain basic information about opportunities of the usage of the naturally tuned instruments for their own relaxation, prevention of health issues and for self-development. During the program, everyone will try basic musicotherapeutic techniques suitable for their own self-regulatory purpose as well as for their performances in jobs. At the end, the participants will experience the effect of the musicotherapeutic music during passive experiential relaxation. Adaptation of musicotherapeutic techniques will help participants to gain an effective tool for the maintenance of physical and mental health when they have demanding jobs. They will play the naturally tuned instruments, such as Tibetan bowls, frame drums, African drums, percussion, didgeridoo and Jew’s harp, which can help to prevent the burnout syndrome, the overload caused by stress or the loss of motivation. During the final experiential relaxation, they will get the chance to rest deeply thanks to the music playing by trained musicotherapists.

The course/seminar is for complete beginners and previous education in music is required.

Work experience

2014 – 2015

Domov Kopretina Černovice

2014 – 2015

Domov Jeřabina Těchobuz

2017 – 2018

Domov Kopretina Černovice


Alzheimercentrum Průhonice, Jihlava

2017 – 2018

DD-DS Onšov

2017 – 2018; 2020 – současnost

Komunitní centrum Háta, o.p.s.

2017 – 2018; 2020 – současnost

Domov Háj Světlá n. Sázavou