Experiential relaxation

We do experiential relaxation for the general public but also for closed groups. We most often cooperate with yoga studios, cultural centres, theatres, educational centres and companies. During the relaxation, you will have a quality rest, calm your minds, gain motivation and strengthen your immunity.

Goals and benefits

  • Effective rest
  • Prevention of diseases and the burnout syndrome
  • Immunity strengthening
  • Concentration improvement

The basic technique of holistic musicotherapy (the method of PaedDr. Lubomír Holzer) is the experiential relaxation, during which participants lay down and let vibrations, music and sounds act on them. It is made by the musicotherapeutist playing the naturally tuned instruments such as didgeridoos, Tibetan bowls, shaman drums, Jew’s harp, mouth harp a koncovka. Those have the unique ability to emit tones which can harmonize all the body systems. Gradually, there occurs pacification and the relaxed state. At the same time, the whole bodies of participants relax and the tension and pain leave.

„Listening to natural music is the same as drinking clean water. It is healthy since the vibrations forming the basis of this music are an integral part of the surroundings which we live in.“

Yoga and music therapy

Since 2019, we also organize events, where we combine gentle jin yoga practice with relaxing therapeutic music. The sound of the natural instruments works here as a yoga practice’s support. It helps participants to concentrate on their own enjoyment, to loosen up and, basically, to slowly get into different asanas.